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ENGENDERING STEM project is a pan-European collaborative development project with partners from Scotland, Netherlands and Spain.

The project aims to share learning and good practice amongst European partners to support SMEs operating within the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) sectors to be bolder on gender equality. Evidence shows that greater diversity in the workplace leads to sustainable and inclusive growth and improved productivity and performance. However, SMEs report common challenges to developing more inclusive workplaces include time, resource, access to expertise and awareness of effective practices.

Our project aims to identify common barriers and associated interventional strategies that have proven to be most effective for improving gender equality. In order to achieve this the project will deliver an evidence based self assessment toolkit, best practice guides and blended learning training solutions to over 2000 participants.

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Measuring Land and 3D printing: The IT department of ‘Kadaster’ does it all

April 4th 2019, text by Marian van Sprakelaar, translation by Annemijn Smulders Where does my garden end and where does my neighbour’s start? Who owns this piece of land and what can I build here? These are a few examples of topics that the IT department of Kadaster (i.e. Land Registry) has to deal with. … Continued

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